Training & Development

Coaching & Mentoring

Seminars & workshops

Vocational skill development.

Management capacity building.

Teaching & training materials

Project proposals & documentation

Educational/ training videos & books.

Designing, data processing work

Training & Development

We organise custom-made workshops for creative youths and business leaders of small to medium-sized grassroots organizations with an aim to develop young entrepreneurs, explore successful business models, and promote them in this changing scenario of unemployment.

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Business and organisational leaders needs special set of skills to manage the admin and operational management. We provide hand holding support to the middle level and top level management team.
  • We design the mentoring and coaching program for leaders to enhance their and helping them to develop a road map for cultivating the same culture in their organizations for peer coaching.

Seminars & workshops

Develop technical & vocational skills to the youths and leaders.
Developing social, moral, ethical, emotional & mental development.

Vocational Skill Development

  • We have great experience in providing vocational skill development training that focuses on developing practical skills through hands-on training. This enables them to be more equipped in their field and increases their employability.
  • We also provide soft skill training such as
    • Communication skills
    • Administration/ supervisory/ Managing skills
    • Listening Skills
    • Team Building skills
    • Decision Making skills
    • Inter-personal skills & Crisis management
    • Planning, organizing, execution & evaluation
    • Relationship building
    • Re skilling, upgrading, multitasking skills

Management Capacity Building

Management Capacity Building is a two-year modular workshop for organisational leaders with onsite mentoring support. Through this, our main goal is to equip and enable them to run their organisations effectively, leading them towards excellence.

Teaching & Training Materials

  • We have great expertise in developing systems and policies for organisations. Firstly, we have multiple meetings with the leaders of the organisation to understand their vision, strategies, and functioning. We then review their existing systems and policies and help them develop internal systems and policies according to their needs and context.

Project Proposals & Documentation

  • We help organizations develop annual activity report for their organization, minutes of the meeting, newsletters and promotional materials, impact stories, etc.
  • We also help in developing good project proposals with the required ground research and analysis.

Educational / Training Videos & Books

  • We also Make Educational videos & books for organizations that need basis to document training and workshop.

Designing Data Processing Work

  • Through organisational diagnosis and evaluation, we examine and understand the ‘current state’ and ‘desired state’ of the organisation and where they want to see their organisation in the next few years. We then review their existing systems, policies, and strategies and guide them by charting out a road map for them. We provide the needed training and hand-holding support during this to strengthen them and guide them towards progress.

We also Make Educational videos & books for organizations that need basis to document training and workshop.

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